About Us

Arizona Splash Pads, LLC opened for business in February of 2008. We are a licensed contractor in residential and commercial “Water Features”. Ryan Bingham is currently the owner and president of Arizona Splash Pads, LLC.

As a young boy, Ryan had an interest in how things were put together. A great part of his childhood was spent creating and building. The moment a project was complete, he began looking for ways to improve or enhance it. With every new undertaking, his passion for construction and artistry grew. Little did Ryan know, that the time spent would be a great foundation for what was to come.

After working with other contractors in the Phoenix area, Ryan obtained a general contracting license and began his own building and remodeling business. He thoroughly enjoyed his work experience and the intricacies of construction and design. In 2007, while at a family gathering, Ryan came across a recently built splash pad. He felt that the concept was brilliant, but the attention to detail and lack of technique, needed support. With the help, encouragement and support of a few close family members, “Arizona Splash Pads, LLC” was created and launched.

Ryan, along with his wife, Jennifer.


and their lovely family.


After a significant amount of research, testing, trial and error, the very first “Arizona Splash Pad” fountain was constructed in Laveen, Az. Impressed with the results, Ryan began some simple marketing techniques and our company has grown from there. Arizona Splash Pads continues to enhance the design and functionality of a zero depth water fountain that is safe and economical for water play.

Ryan is blessed with a beautiful wife and family of over 13 years. His greatest joy in life comes from spending time with them. When first introduced to the concept of a splash pad, Ryan instantly knew that this opportunity was the perfect fit. He was able to combine his passion for family and enthusiasm for design and construction, into this one unique product. Ryan has said, “On a daily basis, I am able to artfully create a custom sanctuary where family and friends can reconnect and enjoy themselves. I love the fact that splash pads create family time. They are an open invitation for gatherings with friends and loved ones in a safe environment and always at an affordable price.”